♫♪  Aegyokiller - 드림 시티 샤핑센터 / 애교킬러

This is the kind of mix that really gets taken to another level with its visual component. The latest release by the K-pop screw lord Aegyokiller steps away from the PlayStation VGM horror vibe and instead envisions a “dream adventure in a shopping mall world.” Aegyo goes vapor again and to an utterly transfixing effect. The video for 드림 시티 샤핑센터 / 애교킬러 is plated in Gangnam-bougie gold, framed by the images of a neon dreamscape that inspires all sorts of weird feelings of longing. I can’t tell if it’s a longing for nostalgic mall experiences remembered imperfectly from my youth or some idyllic experience that has always existed in my head.

It’s such a beautiful contradiction, being immersed in something so low-res and picturesque. But that’s where Aegyokiller and other curators really kill it. Invoking the vagueness of the low-res and embracing the haziness of memory, this mix and video is simply beautiful. And it’s open for the day; take a stroll in the Dream City Shopping Center.

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