♫♪  Ahnnu, barefoot shrubs, Mndsgn, and yuk - “h”

Need a vacation? How’s about one from rap? If so, may I suggest the travel agency, Rap Vacation? A few of their agents — Ahnnu, barefoot shrubs, Mndsgn, and yuk — can help out if you’re in need of a lyrical break. And if you’ve got a fear of planes, hate cars, or just don’t trust trains, no need to worry. Their chosen vessel is that of headphones. All you have to do is pop them fuckers over your ears, and you can leave your body, guilt free, for as long you like. Screw an earthly destination; mind jaunt it out. “h” not only takes you places, it keeps you there. Ray guns don’t harm around these parts. They accent the trip. And the drums are so low-key in the mix they almost get lost. But not really.

Explore the rest of the album here, featuring cuts from the likes of Dakim, brrd, SWARVY and many more, and toss a chunk of change their way, beacuse:

“A portion of the proceeds from this compilation will directly go to aiding in the clean up of certain pockets of Los Angeles that do not receive street sweeping (or any sort of care for that matter). Help make a difference, it starts with you!”

• Rap Vacation: http://www.rapvacation.com

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