♫♪  Ahnnu - “Elastic”

Somewhere in between his juke undertakings as Cakedog and his typically atypical sound collages as Ahnnu lies the latest track by L.A. by way of VA resident Leland Jackson. Floating forward with weightless propulsion, “Elastic” sounds like an empty club still filled with music, even if it isn’t. Driven by a steady beat throughout (which is something that has been recently resurfacing in his work), there are familiar hints lighting the path to tell us this is still an Ahnnu cut: pulsing hiss, hi-hats that sound like sticks being tapped against hollow trees, filtered squelches of controlled static, and completely recognizable yet indistinguishable processed percussive hits. With an incredibly re-listenable and impressive back catalog already, here’s hoping this track is sign of a new release in the near future.

• Ahnnu: https://ahnnu.bandcamp.com/

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