♫♪  Ahnnu & Nerftoss - “Hoffie Too” / “Com”

How I Heard About the Ahnnu & Nerftoss Collaboration: A Reflection

Me: Hey, brain! Whatcha doing?

My brain: Who, me? Oh, nothing much. Just thinking what it’d be like if Ahnnu & Nerftoss hung out, maybe made a snack plate, maybe talked about their rare coin collections, maybe even recorded a few songs together. How’s about you?

Me: Well, I don’t know who the hell Ahnnu or Nerftoss are, but I was JUST cleaning some of my rare coins, so maybe the stars have aligned. If these two you’ve mentioned are into the things that I’m into — like rare coins — perhaps I should see what they’re all about.

My brain: I think that’s a splendid idea. Go for it!

Me: Okay, I will! Thanks brain!

My brain: You’re welcome, Craig!

Learning Who Ahnnu & Nerftoss Are: A Retrospective

I guess Neftoss is a musician. Appartently he released two albums last year. One’s called Proof Catalog. The other’s called MAIDEN POWERS.

Ahnnu is also a musician. He’s released a bunch of junk, but his most recent stuff is an album called Perception. We reviewed it, which is news to me. You can read that review if you want right here.

• Ahnnu: http://www.dogtropic.net
• Nerftoss: https://soundcloud.com/nerftoss

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