♫♪  Ahnnu - “Pe5”

Sometimes, unprovoked one-off SoundCloud uploads can feel like browsing the unmarked cassette tapes at a thrift store. No context. No date. No sleeve. When familiarity isn’t taken into consideration, the result can be anything you can imagine. The clips from a needle running around the inside groove of a 45 can turn into a rhythm. The squeal of car brakes can become a subtle melody. A single breath looped and repurposed can draw the entire song space. I’m not saying any of these things are making up the sounds you hear on “Pe5.” I’m saying, “Who knows?” And it isn’t it wonderful that “no one” is the answer?

Listen to “Pe5” below. Maybe it’ll end up on an unmarked tape at the bottom of that cardboard box marked “kitchen” in the back corner of the thrift store, and an entire new generation will be able to discern its noises for themselves.

• Ahnnu: https://soundcloud.com/ahnnu

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