♫♪  Akasha System - Twin Optic

Another arm of Hunter P. Thompson stretched for maximum comfort, Akasha System is back in form with Twin Optic. And while AS’s last album Sea Glass had the personally inspirational tag “vague seasonal shift…,”Twin Optic gets hella literal with “/the simultaneous perception of two images, usually overlapping, of a single scene or object/.” The type of double vision in Twin Optic is frequent in ambient house, allowing the brain to wander between scenes and ideas in the same way your eyes cross when you zone out. Much of the work HPT puts out is freeing like that, but holds a level of depth that the unconscious body must respond to. The urge to relax my shoulders and breath conflicts with a combine a small head bob with small steps and dance.

Twin Optic is free to download, but if you want a tape you’ll have to catch Akasha System on tour this summer. No dates yet but keep your two optics peeled.

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