♫♪  Akasha System - “Vague Response”

Light steps as to not wake anyone, it creeps through the hall and out the door. The glass shell light attached outside each room cast enough light to safely walk in one straight line. It’s past curfew, but it’s the last night here. The cement walkways are still warm from the summer sun, but the metal handrails are now cool to the touch. The pool is calm and dew has begun collecting on the yard’s grass. There’s a good 150 feet to the dunes all in plain view of every room in the hotel, but not a soul is awake. The breeze runs through the palms muffling any sound the unmaintained boardwalk makes. The trip down to the sand took roughly five minutes, stepping in rhythm. The sea takes you alone and alive.

The late summer swim nightcap that is Portland’s Akasha System (a.k.a. Hunter P. Thompson, Opaline) new single “Vague Response” is a part of his upcoming album of the same name out August 5 on TMT fav, 100% Silk.

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