♫♪  Ak’chamel, The Giver of Illness - Death Chants

Like a haunting you cannot shake. No matter how far you move away, it follows. An aura so attached that it feels like peeling nails. Suffocation like an eye sore that blurs with each motion of the mind. Cravings, but yes, “MAGIC!” You don’t think Ak’chamel is fucking real?

It’s one thing when you flick the filter and record, but Ak’chamel is pulling some deep underground strings. Last year they were caught stranded in the Himalayas, not having eaten in three weeks. In 2014, they were located twice in two separate pods — once in the Atlantic and the other in the Pacific — living within a gardened greenhouse as sustenance, hydration, and shelter; they abandoned help during both attempts of rescue.

Now, Already Dead Tapes and Records is proud to present their worker-cries: Death Chants. Out now on tape, find the way to everlasting life. Alchemy is within:

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