♫♪  Ak’chamel - The Man Who Drank God

First time I heard Ak’chamel was their Moon Glyph tape entitled, Lowlands of Hteklum. And although the production on the this tape was pretty stinking good, Ak’chamel’s flavor pegan-core folk jamming is always the soul seeming from your speakers. Only difference in The Man Who Drank God is they’ve toned down their production scale for atmospheric purposes; the new Ak’chamel sounds like the audio from a 1942 filmed sacrificial ritual dug up from a coffin within a Paris tomb’s basement, surrounded in rat bones tied with string in effigy-esque symbols. Removal of this reel triggers a parts of the tomb to crumble on the outside, and rays of sunlight scorch the film/visual of the ritual, and only a bit of the audio caught aflame. But all lore aside, The Man Who Drank God by Ak’chamel is the closest sounding troupe around still exploring that jilted side of psych-folk only few achieved about nine-ten years ago. Shit, I’d go as far as writing The Man Who Drank God is the musical adaptation of the 1990 flick, Begotten. Sure enough, old Field Hymns Records gripped and reeled it up on CS for your micro-reeling pleasure. So head on over to the label, hopefully there’s one (ltd. 100) left for you, and click play below while awaiting for the real The Man Who Drank God by Ak’chamel.

• Ak’chamel: https://www.facebook.com/giverofillness
• Field Hymns Records: http://www.fieldhymns.com

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