♫♪  Andy Koufax - “Seven Caged Tigers (Faxsimile)”

Prior to the death of Scott Weiland, someone close to me was helping their boss do [things] for the Stone Temple Pilot’s ex-vocalist. Knowing Weiland was coming to their [place of business] sometime a couple weeks before his death, I lent this person my cassette of Tiny Music…. Within the j-card, this edition of Tiny Music… contains 24 magazine cut outs of just Weiland’s photo and 13 gossip and blurbs on him personally. And it came to me this way — used — from Discogs. Apparently, upon showing Mr. Weiland the cassette tape, he was immediately turned off (as there was an on-going ownership battle of STP songs between him and the band), but after laying out all the photos and articles, this — one of many — kings of alternative rock gave the only smile they saw that day. No autograph, though. I imagine because of legal reasons. But it further became this piece of idealized, immortalization within my reel collection that will never lose his scent.

This feeling of idealization (I gather) is the same reason Long Island’s alt-rap emperor Andy Koufax rooted his newest track “Seven Caged Tigers (Faxsimile)” in dedication of Tiny Music…’s 20-year anniversary. And along with his intro, no-breathe flow, Andy admits “I couldn’t help but play a little guitar hero next to Dean DeLeo on the solo. I also couldn’t help singing weird shit at the end.” RESPECT! As silly as this track may sound to unknowing listeners, “Seven Caged Tigers (Faxsimile)” is a completely fun and outta-nowhere homage to one of the most memorable mid-90s albums that switched up the grunge and alt-rock worlds for the better of glam and pop-punk. So if you ain’t never felt Tiny Music… before, do-so here after scoping Andy Koufax’s mega-nod to the album in “Seven Caged Tigers (Faxsimile),” streaming below (which will some-how end up dubbed onto my STP cassette in the near future).

Also, don’t forget to blare his newest singles “Practice Makes Worseness” and “Caught Lion” in anticipation for Andy Koufax’s long-awaited debut album, I’m From A Little Place, even though these two cuts and “Seven Caged Tigers (Faxsimile)” won’t be appearing on the release. Bless up:

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