♫♪  Anna Homler & Steve Moshier - “Deliquium in C”

Where the heart has been wounded there is a scar. That is all. Over time, it fades as music that creeps up the winding stair. Away, away.

Where are we, here, in this piece’s atmosphere? Perhaps underwater as the sounds of seafolk, or their ghosts, screech out skewed by underwater fog. Jarring, soothing. Sea snakes tip and roil as willows in high winds. And here I am, amongst it all, drifting in place like a plant on the ocean floor.

Somber, I think of death in the morning, the evening. Nobody touched the river all Summer after the stranger drowned there. Not even lovers, warm and scared, guided there, somehow, by the stars.

This way, this day. Everybody agrees to an ambient fiction. Homler helps me to fantasize deeper. To listen as if inside of our skulls instead of a brain we all felt a fish floating, attracted by the moon.

Deliquium in C will be released on April 12 via Präsens Editionen.

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