♫♪  Arca - “2 Blunted”

Remember the first time you got really really stoned? Sitting on some oversized leather couch in the living room of some guy you hardly knew, but he had pot and he didn’t live in the dorms. So you toked that blunt hard and started coughing uncontrollably, and then the coughing turned to laughing, and you couldn’t stop, even after you realized you were being ridiculed by the gang of upper classmen with their stupid visor-beanies and sweatpants. You sunk deeper and deeper into the sofa, smiling like a clown, smiling so hard that your squinted bloodshot eyes saw only a teary sliver of light. Too blunted.

A couple months ago, Arca’s newest record Stretch 2 was well reviewed by TMT’s Birkut, even making our EUREKA! section. Arca, clearly a new favorite of a healthy bunch of us TMTers, has also landed in a number of Chocolate Grinder Mixes in the past few weeks. One of the many catchy, gritty, gangsta tunes on Stretch 2 is “2 Blunted,” which has pretty much been my favorite song for a while now and was featured on a mix of mine not long ago. Although I take the song rather literally to fit it into my life, maybe you didn’t go to college and don’t relate to my story. Nonetheless, I think no matter how you decide to interpret it, if you open your mind, you’ll be enlightened to find that Arca is some cutting-edge shit. S.W.E.D.

• Arca: http://soundcloud.com/arca-2
• UNO NYC: http://www.unonyc.com

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