♫♪  Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk - “Kubikie Jo”

There are always gads of outer space and cosmic comparisons when it comes to writing about experimental music. Often, it’s a semi-lazy prop to get the job done (I’m guilty of it). Sometimes, though, the analogy is quite apt.


So, when it came to this new Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk tape, I was sure I wouldn’t fall into that trap once again. Mostly because their music has always been one of the earth, of dreamers looking outwards towards the stars and Stacy’s alike, but never really reaching space or its inescapable vastness. But also because I didn’t/don’t want to look like a hack…

With that said, “Kubikie Jo” is the slow motion run to the last remaining escape pod as the collapsing space station behind you crumbles slowly to the ground. Crystalline ice mountains reveal themselves in the distance amidst spires of dull glowing colors, fading in and out. Ya know, space stuff!

Off the recently released Droopy McCool, available through Lake Paradise via digital and cassette, listen to “Kubikie Jo” below.

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