♫♪  Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk - “I Ain’t Been Workin”

In case you haven’t heard: the boys are (almost) back in town! What I mean is the recently reuinted Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk have an upcoming tour in support of their new album, Kill The Fuzz, and if you’re lucky enough to live in/near one of the cities they’re stopping by, do yourself a favor and check out these gents as they tear shit up.

Fire Talk, who are releasing 100 cassettes and twenty 10” lathes of Kill The Fuzz, were nice enough to send the opening track, “I Ain’t Been Workin”, over to the TMT offices, and I haven’t really been able to jam anything else over the past few days. That high frequency at the beginning grabs your attention ASAP. Next, the drone moans it’s way along. And then those big, clean(ish) guitars break through the clouds with power and assurance. To finish it off, with perfect reverb and depth, those familiar, unintelligible, but gorgeous BBDDM vocals kick in, and you know you’re in for repeat listens.

Check out “I Ain’t Been Workin” below, and look out for the release on 4/21.

• Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk: https://babybirdsdontdrinkmilk.bandcamp.com
• Fire Talk: http://firetalkrecs.com

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