♫♪  Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk - Mexico b​/​w Slow beat

People don’t look at you the way they used to, you know. Actually, people rarely look at you to begin with, amirite? How often do we even focus on who’s in the room? It’s a glitch away from nocturnal pneumonia. As if one could possess illness throughout a dream world entered consciously into after taking a break from ours. You’d think someone would warn you in a dream IF dreams are a different dimension and what you do there affects your status once you’re removed from this “Earth(?)-realm/-dimension. Wait, what if they did? Have we been behaving? Take a breather, bud. Mexico b​/​w Slow beat is about to slow your system like a nice little snake bite ripping venom throughout your body with each beat of the heart. Let it sink those fangs in deep too. Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk, fuck face, YOU’RE DEAD:

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