♫♪  Barnaby Bennett & Patrick Whitten - “NAMASTE”

Relax and find the center of your self. In a haze you see certainty that’s unlike any truth you’ve ever bared. Zoning toward your psyche with the speed of a bubble popping at fruition. Secrets hidden within will just be as hard to decipher as they are to witness. Feelings of near-pain become of pleasure when everything stops burning. Like synaptic sizzle that starts from the front lobe and travels in pulses of purple and [colorless] on to the back bit and down the spine. Crawling along ever porous bit of bone and brain. The body remains still and unwrithing. Poised in stature the physical remains complacent as the internal battles constantly to determine reality.

Good old Barnaby Bennett is making with that nU-trance-age “NAMASTE” riffage here with the bloops following Patrick Whitten’s lead on slick-lined bleeps. And just more than 26 minutes of pure mind stirring creativity breathes into nodes lightly while expanding vastly. Like how condensed air cells suck in small but blow up into burst of dimensional visions and life. Listen to “NAMASTE” below and dig the sight of Barnaby Bennett and Patrick Whitten.

• Barnaby Bennett: http://barnabybennett.snack.ws

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