♫♪  Bary Center - Betrayal

Betrayal. You know that feeling that courses through your veins when it happens to you, when someone you trust turns on you and deceives you, forever ruining the relationship you’ve cultivated for so long and exerted so much effort in maintaining. Betrayal sucks; it’s the worst.

It feels like this:

Wait, no, sorry — that’s not betrayal. That GIF is more a representation of me when I get red-shelled right before the finish line in Mario Kart, and I drop from first to eighth or something. Anyway, this is more along the lines of the betrayal I’m talking about:

Now we’re there. Now the blood is pumping, the anger is flowing, the revenge is percolating. Bary Center’s Betrayal (Always Human Tapes) is the perfect coping mechanism, the perfect injection of adrenaline that’ll have your temples pounding in no time. It’s the antidote in that it’ll ratchet up all those emotions of rage and discontent and anxiety, pushing them even further until you can barely stand them, until they burn out within you.

For the moment, anyway. Betrayal sticks with you. So does Betrayal.

I don’t know who or what betrayed Bary Center, but he’s channeled the entirety of the experience into his serrated techno workouts, concentrated vibrational cacophonies that bear you along upon the ridges of their rhythmic EQ pulses, their dynamics actually physical in their intensity. Does this release come with some sort of health warning, one that cautions against getting too caught up in a wave of righteous indignation? It should — I’ve got the tingly fingers because blood is everywhere in my body, all at once.

Gosh, I almost want to be betrayed, just so I can turn to Betrayal for the remedy.

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