♫♪  Bary Center - “Fill and Flow”

On May 31, merry Minneapolis-based MJ MJ Records are dropping the new album from Bary Center (a.k.a. Mark Williams) titled No Stars. The Appalachian Highlands-based electronic act has racked up releases on Crash Symbols, Skrot Up, Speaker Footage, Gnar Tapes, Headway, and now two on MJ MJ in as many years, each another chapter of his studies in minimal techno. The first single off No Stars, “Fill and Flow” ropes in these gorgeous synth waves into what could be considered the “clearest” sound Williams has put on tape. The mood of No Stars is at times relaxed, at times on edge, and – for a cassette with five individual points claiming there are no stars – very unique.

From the hands of Williams: “”I wanted this album to feel like just one day, so I tried to build a snapshot of all the feelings and scenarios that a person goes through in a single day - the relaxing parts, the intense parts, the hype parts, the dark parts, the lighthearted parts. I wanted people to press play and by the end of the album be able to connect each track to a part of their day. We get so crazy focused on tomorrow and the big picture that we often forget that just making it through the gauntlet of shit that life throws at us in a 24 hour period is quite an accomplishment in itself.”

Stream “Fill and Flow” below.

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