♫♪  Bary Center - “Human Form”

My god, the inside of the human body is so gross. All those bones and organs, ligaments and gristle… and the blood! Oh the blood — there’s just so much of it, like, gallons. It makes me squeamish just thinking about it. I know my parents are disappointed that I’m not a doctor, but I’d be puking all over the place if I ever set foot in an operating room. Talk about stuff that should remain within my interior. Yuck.

I feel like Bary Center gets me, you know? Like, he understands that the only way for us “normals” to learn anything about our own physical makeup is through heavily abstracted visuals so we can keep down our breakfasts and not be haunted by the horrible truths. (The blood!) Thus, “Human Form” meanders around the, well, human form, the POV pausing at various parts of the body and observing as if it were strolling around a science museum. Get your bearings at the circulatory system before traveling to a ventricle! Marvel at the lungs! Check out how cool the brain is! (But… what’s that black spot?) And the pineal gland, I think! What am I, a doctor? (I think I’ve already made it clear that I am not.)

On the other side of “Human Form,” I’m pleased to announce that I’ve barely experienced even a twinge of nausea. Nicely done, Mr. Center. And it sure helps that the gently-shifting electronics act as a kind of audio aid to keep my equilibrium. I think I’ve got this under control.

Find “Human Form” and other wacky adventures on Out of Body, a cassette/VHS/DVD audio/visual album on Illuminated Paths/Broken Machine Films. Choose your format wisely.

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