♫♪  Bill Orcutt - “O Platitudes!”

Just think positive.

New (& all) music by Bill Orcutt demands celebration.

You get what you expect.

Oh, yes, “the blues as abstract,” calloused fingers pulling at the strings, a man becoming a guitar, an ecstatic battle with oneself.

Happiness is a choice.

I listen to Bill Orcutt and I moan in surprise and in pleasure in real time in instinctive harmony with the playback of his vocalizations.

Such is life.

Watch out for more info on Bill Orcutt’s upcoming release Solo Acoustic Volume Ten via V[in] D[u] S[electe] Q[ualité].

Something will turn up.

• Bill Orcutt: http://palilalia.com
• VDSQ: http://www.vdsqrecords.com/index.html

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