♫♪  Black Hat - “Imaginary Friends”

Walls must be built, the streets shall be raised, the buildings will be made of stone and brick. The sea will never reach the streets again. The second floor becomes the ground floor, the ground floor will become the basement, and the basement becomes the underground. Seattle’s Nelson Bean, known as Black Hat, dwells in this dank underground, spewing sinister sounds and steamy rhythms that spill out from the mossy manholes and grab your ankles as you cross the crowded intersection. The newest LP, Thought of Two from Black Hat is released by Hausu Mountain and includes this striking video from visual artist Zara Ruckus to accompany the lead-off track “Imaginary Friends.” The film adds bold color to grating grainy images of industry and nature, projecting vibrant imagery onto dark, daunting sounds of howling synths and itching rhythms. The video features just an excerpt from the full piece, which can be streamed in full, along with the other two tracks, or purchased on vinyl or CD from the label.

• Black Hat: http://blackhat.bandcamp.com
• Hausu Mountain: http://hausumountain.com

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