♫♪  Black Zone Myth Chant - Straight Cassette

Don’t give a shit if Black Zone Myth Chant’s Straight Cassette popped off a few years ago, it’s still before it’s time. However, it’s being rereleased on straight LP to all y’all who remember High Wolf’s old label Winged Sun Records, and missed the release on CS and CDr. Though, currently it’s out for digital purchase so you can take it anywhere, or you can slave yourself on the Bandcamp stream (below) before it’s ready to spin this September 25 on Laitdbac Records. Either way, I’m pretty fucking sure this his just another High Wolf side-project kept secret/mythos’d. But you don’t know, and I don’t wanna know, you know?

Enjoy Black Zone Myth Chant’s Straight Cassette below via Laitdbac Records, and grip the vinyl of it September 25.

• Black Zone Myth Chant: http://highwolf.bandcamp.com
• Laitdbac Records: http://www.laitdbac.com

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