♫♪  Canada Effervescent - “Fiji Crystals At Sunrise”

Constellation Tatsu’s impressive catalog of synthed-out, scenic, and ethereal electronic rarely disappoints. Alongside the fantastic Angel 1 and Hakobune, among others, one of their latest additions by Canada Effervescent delivers in the same vein as that storied sound. The lead track, “Fiji Crystals At Sunrise,” off of their new tape, Ridin’ America, is something of a meditative piece though no less enthralling. Ribbon-like synth tones decorate unmistakable and monolithically soft drone. The word “picturesque” might do it some justice, but this sprawling introduction to Ridin’ America is more righteous with shut eyes and better textured with the mind.

The sporadic guitar jam and chime tones that come in and out give it a nodding New Age vibe, but even still, “Fiji Crystals At Sunrise” doesn’t break form or turn into some upward-looking Patrick O’Hearn odyssey. It’s a slow, facedown coast over the Grand Canyon, stratifying your thoughts like tiger’s eye and endowing a little peace.

Ridin’ America by Canada Effervescent can be found over at Constellation Tatsu, on cassette as well as digital.

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