♫♪  Candace - “Horizons b/w Greys”

As I’ve been writing with TMT for close to four years now, there are some bands that I’ve been fortunate enough to cover for all of those years. Portland’s Candace is one of those groups. From their hazy 2014 cassette Shadow Days to their most recent LP , Candace has developed a singular, slow burn rock style that’s got me coming back for more with each release. Their latest single, Horizons b/w Greys, is a brief slice of Candace, circa November 2017. The PDX trio cranks out new tunes at a rapid pace, from full lengths to Valentine’s themed covers EPs, and they’re all the better each time I hear a fresh set of jams. “Horizons” and “Grey,” streaming below, are ideal for the late Fall/early Winter vibe in which we’re currently settled. Sit back, relax, and enjoy. Oh, and click HERE to cop the 7-inch or digitals while you’re at it.

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