♫♪  Channelers - Entrance to the Next

As I write this, my tape collection is within view, and when I look through the shelves, what do I see? Tons of ambient, new age, and extremely relaxing cassettes. You might think, “Hey, JasonC, can you really listen to all that new age and find anything new to enjoy?” The answer is yes. Yes I can, my friends. A lot of recent favorites come courtesy of Sean Conrad’s Inner Islands imprint. The venerable new age label puts out calming, meditative albums on a seasonal basis. I was fortunate to chat with Conrad back in 2016, and his label keeps plugging away and dropping ace tapes.

The label also features Sean’s Channelers project. The latest, Entrance to the Next, as the label writes, “is thoroughly embedded in the practice and process of improvisation. Surrender to the instrument, surrender to the dream, the vision, and let it have reign over the canvas.” Nothing much more to say but this one is really scratching the itch, if you get my drift? I can pontificate and blather on, but instead, let’s all brew a cup of herbal tea, turn the lights down low, and hit play on the embed below? Lose yourself to the sounds, ponder the infinite, or zone out for a few minutes to some good sounds.

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