♫♪  Channelers - Space Makes Clearing

Sit comfortably, close your eyes, and concentrate on your breath. If your mind slips, acknowledge the thought and go back to your breath:


Why am I up so goddamned early? Oh shit, back to your breath


If I don’t drink anymore, does that make me straight edge? Am I going to become a #straightedge guy?


Should I keep checking 538 for election news? Will any of this help it end sooner?


Meditation is chill and everything, but this new Channelers tape really takes you to that “happy place,” ya dig?? Sure, you can sip yerba mate or homemade carrot ginger juice, like Moby, but I’m all about easing into the day with this tape, a good book, and my overweight cat begging for food and/or pets. Greet the morning with Inner Islands, and you’re 100% likely to have a more laid back day. Life is good.

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