♫♪  Channelers - Faces of Love

Sean Conrad’s Channelers project is mellow music for the wide-eyed, adventurous spirit. We may be in the midst of a new age “revival,” but Channelers, and much of the roster on Conrad’s Inner Islands label, is the real deal: music meant to heal, restore, and revive the spirit. I’m not about to get on some religious tip, but there’s something about the sounds on Faces of Love that gives purpose to my day, and inspires me to write some positive thoughts and get the word out in any way I can. Sure, you can throw this on for background music while you read or clean the house, but the two long form tracks, “Always Been” and “Pressure Sigh,” expose a complex emotional core that’s easy to overlook, but once you get it it’s hard to think about anything else. For further reference, I’d recommend pairing this with the previous Channelers release, Space Makes Clearing, a similarly paced tape focused more on hypnotic piano tones. Be bold and throw these on back to back. You won’t regret it ;)

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