♫♪  Channeling - “Doves”

Hi! If you’re like me, you’re always getting stains on your favorite Christian Fennesz records. Dry cleaning vinyl can take weeks, and expecting all that Dr. Pepper you spilled on your album (and Ted Cruz) to come clean from those waxy grooves is a gamble I just can’t take. Luckily, now we have Channeling latest album, Bluffs to fill that Austrian composer-shaped hole. Just listen to “Doves,” a crackling track of spiritual drone that sounds remotely similar, but not wholly like Mr. Fennesz. But is it really settling when the drones are this relaxing? Is it settling when you have to accept Mr. Pibb instead? It’s still going to fall into cassette holes of Bluffs when all is said and done, but by then your copy of Endless Summer will be clean again (at a cost). And when you go back and you eventually spill your drink again (because that’s what you do), the Bluffs cassette from Channeling and a cold Mr. Pibb will be waiting. Don’t you just love the circle of life?

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