♫♪  Channeling - “Moth”

Like waking up in a warm bath you forgot you drew, Channeling (a.k.a. Brooklyn by-way-of Rochester resident Andrew Osterhoudt) pets the scalp of any accepting recipient. Whispering “Moth” into the canals of the accepting and reluctant, Channeling is prepping their self-titled debut on Florida-based Bandcamp label Illuminated Paths.

“Moth” is a nice slice of what looping, falling, gathering tones Channeling brings throughout. The upcoming ten-song album releasing August 17 plays like a group of over-trained masseuses working out the noise of whatever terrible nonsense back muscles refuse to let go. The resulting heavy is thicker than a homemade syrup and warmer than whatever heat the South is coddling right now.

Check out “Moth” below and Channeling next week on Illuminated Paths!

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