♫♪  Cherushii - “Ultraviolet Nights”

100% Silk has been not-so-quietly crushing it with their recent tape editions. One look at the faded 80s aesthetic of their j-card template, bearing images that would feel at home on the window displays of that one salon you walk by all the time that seems to have never reached the turn of the century, and you know you’re about to enter the zone. Their newest batch presents the electronic wares of Auscultation (aka Golden Donna / Joel Shanahan), Paradise 100, and San Francisco-based house explorer Cherushii — whose moniker, despite its terminal doubled “i,” does not actually seem to be a real adjective in the japanese language as far as I can tell. Oh, it’s probably a transliteration of her IRL name, Chelsea (Faith). Like, 「チェルシイ」

Press play on “Ultraviolet Lights” and cross the spirit bridge onto Cherushii’s iridescent dancefloor. A steady bass pulse grounds us as hi-fi synth missives slide into the corners of the spread. New melodies and bubbling sequences pop out at us until the halfway point, which peels back the layers to highlight that throbbing kick. Faith’s sense of drama and song structure, caught in her intensifying hi-hat patterns and whistled theremin-like leads, carries us through to the fade out — but we imagine that the jam continues still somewhere out there, unbound by the limits of magnetic tape.

• Cherushii: http://www.cherushii.com
• 100% Silk: http://www.listentosilk.com

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