♫♪  Chicklette - DIYChurch 282

What I like most about Chicklette is how outsider she remains. As does Angels in America, Chicklette keeps an enchanting amount of distance between listeners and [her world]. Like, I don’t think she cares if people listen to her artistic endeavors. Thankfully Hundebiss Records or DIY Church got they dice rolling for all us. Because her solo shit has set it off beyond attitude. And toward the tail end of DIYChurch 282, specifically around 1hr 25min mark, Chicklette oozes her dynasty in sonic terror.

The craps. The mic-pull echo stretch. The manic sampling. The cramp. Touchdown passes. Fucking — the mother fucking field goal shit on warpple. Vemon down the corners of ya mouth. Sneezing your eyes unsocketted and stepping on them while gathering what just happened. As if her music were emitted as smoke. Broken psyche. Culture in a pocket of lint. Collapsing the realization of where and when as the toxins sink in.

Please, listen to DIYChurch 282 in its entirety, but this post is dedicated to the IGNORE it’ll get from the only person who is unknowingly encouraging me to find lingering depths of today’s music world: Chicklette. Also, LOL at the “Predator” fail and rebound. Tite, like:

• Chicklette: https://soundcloud.com/chicklette
• Hundebiss Records: http://hundebissrecords.bigcartel.com
• DIY Church: http://diychurch.org

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