♫♪  Chicklette - ”(()) TWIZTED AT THE CUBE” ((øƒƒicial vid£ø))

I ain’t gonna stop dropping Chocos about new Chicklette shit. From “The Loneliest Bitch” on Goaty to her predatorial single, advancing to her full-length, UNFAITHFUL (TMT Review), Chicklette is building up a characterization of herself that is purely intended for meltdown. Nah, fuck shit. There’s no intention. There’s no purity. There’s just the UNFAITHFUL. And in honor of her full-length’s finale, “(()) TWIZTED AT THE CUBE” gripped an ((øƒƒicial vid£ø)) while she tours Belgium (Twerp tonight; tomorrow Brussels), fronting a voided vibe that realms as a fading halo of her previous duo work in Angels in America. Follow the path of desolate desire. The internet will help ruin your ever expectation of life.

• Chicklette: https://soundcloud.com/chicklette
• Hundebiss Records: http://hundebissrecords.bigcartel.com

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