♫♪  Chicklette - “Buff Angel” / UNFAITHFUL [preview video]

once an…

..effortless lifestyle, it is, sipping duck soup, gathered around electrocardiogram and piano, singing Xmas carols, casting winter spells, mirroring voices left and right, like Pinky and Firefly, accompanied by “Wonderful Christmastime” bells (minus the echo) and cave snares (exponential echo) that are periodically divided by flatline dots.

.didn’t have to clean up, left the scruff untouched - millennial freedom - like Christmas morning slippers - “On to wander / On to score” - “On the path of least resistance”

once, twice, until the finale:

flat-lining in the arena, next to the piano, while warming up - while underground, antifreeze runs parallel to the arena, cooling the concrete.

Chicklette drops new tape Unfaithful on folk label Hundebiss Records February 17, HARD. Grip your pre-order today!

• Chicklette: https://soundcloud.com/chicklette
• Hundebiss Records: http://hundebissrecords.bigcartel.com

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