♫♪  Cruel Diagonals - “Manifest Clandestine”

I’m sitting in my apartment on a #rare snow day in Seattle, seeking some appropriately frosty tunes to match this dreary weather. Lo and behold, LA’s Cruel Diagonals dropped a digital EP, Pulse of Indignation, that originally came out as a cassette only companion to last year’s Disambiguation LP. Megan Mitchell’s finely crafted jams bring you in to a dark, hypnotic world. For Mitchell, “Pulse of Indignation is about recognizing the exploitation, grooming, and pain that she was subjected to as a young woman under the watchful eye of men with power in the music industry. It’s about harnessing the righteous anger, repulsion, and indeed, indignation, at the proliferation of these experiences for young women and non-men.” The track “Manifest Clandestine,” streaming below, blends a swirling synth line with rattling percussion and otherworldly vocals stretched into the infinite.

The full EP is available digitally in addition to a few remaining pairs of the vinyl/cassette bundle.

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