♫♪  Cruel Diagonals - “Monolithic Nuance”

When a new piece of music from a label that specializes in “creating a space of musical discovery for extended, immersive music pieces” comes across my desk, let’s just say I feel like Sydney, Australia’s Longform Editions is speaking my language. With past releases from the likes of Norm Chambers and Caterina Barbieri, to name a few, it looks like I’ll be floating through the ether when I spend a good chunk of my free time zoning these epic tunes.

The label’s latest offering is “Monolithic Nuance,” from Megan Mitchell’s Cruel Diagonals project. The track comes at the end of a productive year at Cruel Diagonals HQ, as her debut full-length, Disambiguation, dropped this past summer. Her music, a mixture of ambient, drone, and experimental composition, blends found sounds, ethereal multi-tracked vocals, and synths, into a stellar, atmospheric experience. For the price of a cup of coffee, dive head first into “Monolithic Nuance,” and dig deep into this 18-minute vision quest.

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