♫♪  Dakim - ”_moly”

In celebration of their September residency at Los Globos in Los Angeles, Leaving Records have released four tracks from some of the contributing artists for the monthlong event. And while each one is thoroughly enjoyable (especailly an unheard bonus cut from Ahnnu’s excellent 2015 cassette Perception), the emergance of a new Dakim song is something truly special.

”_moly” — from the forthcoming leftrecord2, due sometime next month on Leaving Records — moves forward with rattled percussion, rotating synths, hiss, grit, and ruminating background buzzes and touches. In standard Dakim fashion, it’s short, dense, and morphs and rearranges itself throughout its duration. In other words, “_moly” is very, very gewd.

Check for yourself below:

• Leaving Records: http://leavingrecords.com

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