♫♪  dakim - soap

So yeah, dakim’s highly-anticipated leftrecord2 still hasn’t come out, but what are you complaining about? soap, his latest and greatest reeler, just strutted into 2016 like it owns the place, and who’s to say it doesn’t? That fat, dumb New Year’s baby? Fuck that kid!

My guess, if you’re interested, is that soap IS leftrecord2; that the aforementioned album got a bit of a retooling and name change, and is now being released a month or two behind schedule. Though, I’m often wrong (see: the majority of what I’ve said in my entire life), so maybe soap is its own thing and not some desperate attempt by the mega-corporation known as Leaving Records to rebrand a shelved product. Being that speculation gets you nowhere (especially generously embeslished and wholly false speculation), allow me to stop wasting your valuable time and simply inform you that soap is available NOW in an editon of 250 cassettes, and is also streaming below in its impressivly improvised, murky and noddy entirety.

This calls for a celebration! Break out the corn-on-the-cob-holders everyone!! We’re eating good tonight!!!!!!!!!!!

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