♫♪  dakim - “setside”

Please, everyone, gather ‘round! Come in tighter, PLEASE: there is good news afoot! First off, I will be using exclamation points to punctuate every sentence in this write-up! Hooray! Second off, the legendary dakim has released a single from his upcoming (limited-to-250-copies) LP, youdecide, and it fucking slaps!

What’s that you ask?! The track’s title?!

Well, “setside,” of course! And what a compact little ditty it is! It twists! It turns! It moves! It jumps! It’s like four fucking songs in one! Hooray!

Come! Listen to it below! And be on the lookout for youdecide, releasing on December 12th!!!

produced 2010
released 2019

the events leading to the making and release of this work were set in motion by the Honorable Ras_G.

this album is dedicated to him.
spreading love throughout the cosmos


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