♫♪  Dil Withers - Studies

Confidence is a funny thing. Too much of it: gaaarooooossss! Too little of it: aaawwwwwww. Just enough, though? Well that always hammers down the fact you’ve got your shit together. Reasonably.

With that said, let me tell you about Dil Withers. Dil’s got confidence. In just the right amount. You can surmise this from the music he makes. There’s a precision to his beats that is undeniably professional, yet his core samples are laid back snippets from jazz records, hinting at a relaxed mind sifting through used LPs with ease, blunt in the ashtray, and a slight smile on his nodding face. Not stressing anything. Taking his time. With confidence.

Studies, Dil’s first solo album, is a mixture of previously released, now-classic beats as well as some unheard, completely serene new ones. Each track fades in, then fades out. Each track is laced with crisp drums, slacked only slightly to give them that human feel. And each track is an earworm. Truly.

And though all copies of the cassette have sold out, you can stream the entire album below, as well as watch a video on repairing and restoring old lamp shades here. Both are recommended.

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