♫♪  Dil Withers - Studies

If I’m not mistaken, Studies marks Grand Garden’s second vinyl release, this time sliced and diced by the future/past/present: Dil Withers. FatBeats does something similar with their Baker’s Dozen series, beat music or hip hop instrumental or ambient urban —whatever you want to call it— seems to be slaying the record game. It was hard for me to consider at first, but the crispness of sound from their samples has to be produced and over edited, reword, and mastered at a perfect audio for that groove to move the needle in all the right corners of this or any city jam. Dil Withers is brings the knowledge and woke with Studies. Good-old days are back, y’all. Tape sold out, but grip a plate and spin. Or just snag that audio and dub a tape yourself, whatever:

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