DJ NJ Drone creates a world of his own. There is no aforementioned genre trying to be established here. Sure, adventurism and club themes are within, but ESPRESSO SYN is something more than just another album experience. The immersion DJ NJ Drone creates from the physical to audio is that of a Rorschach test: there’s something specific there to you — a design or mentality — but the music directs your mindset furiously into scapes and scapes of thought, and as you continue to build with the audio in your mind’s eye, a conflict between reality and hallucination begins to collide. Is that a synthetically produced sound, or just a found-sound sample?

SIDE-NOTE: I have it under good authority that DJ NJ Drone’s samples are mostly recorded by him in NYC; i.e., “Two dollars a ride. Two dollars a swipe.”

And the structures DJ NJ Drone sculpts around your expectations shatters their premeditation like a hammer to a chisel. Thus, the boundless imagination beheld in ESPRESSO SYN resists no temptation or repetition. There’s totality within the seems of this reel, and as you try to associate DJ NJ Drone with some superfluous productionist, ESPRESSO SYN will switch your gears, pedal backward upon itself, and take you on serious mind-flight.

In celebration of ESPRESSO SYN and the holiday, DJ NJ Drone is performing at Bossa Nova Civic Club tonight, backed by POOLBOY92, and billed with future Bootleg player Tallesen, good pal ABBY, and the tru homies LAMPGOD & Lord SMS. So……………………………………………………

Don’t miss out! Don’t miss out! Don’t miss out! Don’t miss out! Don’t miss out! Don’t miss out! Don’t miss out! Don’t miss out! Don’t miss out! Don’t miss out! Don’t miss out!

And if you’re outta state, grip ESPRESSO SYN on the reel via Bootleg Tapes!

• DJ NJ Drone: https://soundcloud.com/r-i-p-dj
• Bootleg Tapes: http://bootlegtapes.bandcamp.com

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