♫♪  Eartheater - “Homonyms”

Clawing out of her psychedelic productionista work with Guardian Alien, vocalist Alex Drewchin has found fam for her solo project, Eartheater on Hausu Mountain, and exasperating relief ensues. Entitled Metalepsis, Eartheater etches electronics fused with sythetic and guitar mirages amongst varying whispers, trickling delicate lyrical insinuations, and a rythm section akin to proper melody all for about 35 minutes of reel time (or you can spin on CD). And from my understanding, “Homonyms” is the first single of Eartheater’s work via Hausu Mountain, and it’s the perfect condensed sound of the entire album.

As Drewchin tones down her lyrical content (King Conqubine) and harsh vocal range (Guardian Alien), Eartheater is just another mind-hack creative zone featuring her ability to fuse genres into her own. While “Homonyms” isn’t entirely psychedelic, folk, or pop, it does breathe an originality to it incomparable to any single musician, but rather a smattering of backgrounds. Like a solo Blues Control harkening a sprightly Josephine Foster tweeked by the production assistance of Sean McCann, patiently. Just entirely stoked on this and thinking of listening to it on Atlantic City beach this summer, raying out in the sunshine of Eartheater.

Speaking of which, such a devastating name (Eartheater) for Drewchin meditative solo project, so think on that and stream “Homonyms” from her mouth to your ears below, and find Metalepsis on Hausu Mountain this February 25 via CS/CD.

• Eartheater: http://instagram.com/eartheater
• Hausu Mountain: http://hausumountain.com

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