♫♪  Eartheater - “Trespasses”

According to this here press release, Eartheater (Queens-based artist Alexandra Drewchin) has a background in classical music. Let’s muse on that a moment, shall we?

Classical, opera, etc., at least in its traditionally recognizable form, has been dwindling in popularity over the last half century or so. Wanna know why? Or, at least my theory of why?

It’s cause, you guessed it, classical is tailored ESPECIALLY for performance! Music has become more accessible via recorded formats, meaning people have become less enamored by the experience of live hi-fidelity music. Like, they’re less surprised when they hear something that sounds amazing happening right in front of them. The thrill of the spectacle has dwindled, the awe has dwindled, so the popularity of classical performance has dwindled. Get what I’m saying? See where I’m going?

Pause for a moment — can’t you think of a more recent musical/cultural phenomenon where people are enamored not only by sound but also by spectacle, by the experience of gathering itself? That’s right: DANCE music, ELECTRONIC music! Club music fans, well, they like being in clubs, electronic music fans, well, they like hearing big speakers, sharing the experience with others! Surely the experience is vastly different than the expected tranquility of a classical concert (which, I suppose, is why club/electronic music remains popular), but do you see the parallel? Experiential AND sonic awe?

Now, I’m meandering, so here’s my point: these two genres are at a crossroads, they’re intersecting, I tell you. People are realizing that ritualistic gathering has a lot of potential for the post-modern age. Something to take advantage of!

Cue the entrance of artists like Eartheater (along with, say, Elysia Crampton, James Ferraro, Klein) who, as of late, have been making music easily classified as operatic, classical, etc., if not sonically, then experientially! I find this absolutely riveting since both classical/theater/opera sorta require live experience to thrive, just like dance and electronic music!!

Okay, okay, enough food for thought. The reason I’m here: to tell YOU that Eartheater has a wonderful new release coming out June 8th via PAN called IRISIRI! It’s a three movement piece heavily informed by her background in classical music, which, HELLO, is the genre-blending kinda thing I’ve been talking about! Classical composition, emotive electronic elements, live performance, it’s all here! “Trespasses” dances on the outer fringes of both electronic music and classical, and it’s as beautiful as it is haunting, the kind of thing you should sit down and immerse yourself in.

Stream below to test my goofy theory, and preorder IRISIRI here.

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