♫♪  Earthly - “True”

Compared to the twee-techno vibe in their first single “Earthly’s second track “True” — off the new Bounce Pass LP Heart — comes at listeners like Classical Curves, with a bit of paparazzi-club aggression and glass-house fragility. A singular, stuttering beat evolves throughout with pounding sharpness in a call-and-response to the bass-beat, eventually spinning out into sampled haven of vocals and soaring synths, that eventually spirals back into the beat, only to build in climax of the song, going through a constantly climaxing experience. Most important to note, “True” and “Mook Love” promise a bit more organization to Heart than their first LP, the creatively collaged, and spastic Days, shooting for maybe more of a vibier notion to move one’s body.

So start dancing, and head on over to Bounce Pass on October 20 for the Heart pounding “True” new experience of Earthly:

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