♫♪  Endless Boogie - “Taking Out the Trash” / 3-Hour Live Extravaganza on WFMU

You’ve without a doubt noticed a few changes in your life since hitting play on “Taking Out the Trash,” the latest from NYC T-top-rockers Endless Boogie. To start, that old bong you dropped in your parents’ garage way back in junior year has suddenly materialized next to you, fully packed and sporting a fresh Dark Side of the Moon prism sticker. On top of that, the $20 bomber of St. Bernardus Abt 12 you’ve been aging for three months just transformed into a sixer of Bud heavies. You probably even shotgunned one of them Steveweisers without realizing it once the vocals kicked in. Such is the magic of The Boogie Which Is Endless: one second you’re glazily surfing the web for breaking news on the Kimye spawn, the next you’re elucidating the precise way the morning sun falls on your couch to a 300-pound ex-roadie from Gowanus. I mean, really, why don’t all bands have three lead guitarists?!

This particular track hails from Endless Boogie’s upcoming LP Long Island, due out February 19 on No Quarter. But if you can’t imagine waiting that long for maximum riffage after receiving this small taste, look no further than the Boogie’s 3-hour-long live set performed on Brian Turner’s (always excellent) WFMU show. This one’s got it all: colossal riffs! froggy vocals! punishing interweaving solos! old school New York Mets bumpers! All that shit, for THREE GODDAMN HOURS! So if you’ve got the time and the substances, do not miss out on this psychedelic celebration of gargantuan guitar sounds. (By the way, the dude on the couch is named Steely Dave and he’s only gonna be staying here for a couple days, maybe a few weeks tops. Don’t be lame about it; he’s going through some crazy stuff right now.)

• No Quarter: http://www.noquarter.net
• WFMU: http://www.wfmu.org

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