Endless Boogie question the endlessness of their own boogie with new album called Vibe Killer

Endless Boogie question the endlessness of their own boogie with new album called Vibe Killer
"Why didn't I think of that riff?" -Everyone

They promise they won’t judge if YOUR band engages in gratuitous overdubbing — but the fact of the matter is, the music and modus operandi of Endless Boogie almost entirely precludes such a segmented form of music recording. As frontman Paul Major remarked in an interview a few years back, “It’s really a live band type thing.” And, given that their live shows require just the four or five-piece to sexually (or not) “get people off,” it’s pretty difficult to imagine Major, Jesper Eklow, Marc Razo, Harry Druzd, and Matt Sweeney recording their parts of an energetic, bluesy whole independent from one another in an iso booth in the studio either. In other words, “synergy” is key to the Boogie’s boogie; so go ahead and abandon all your negative associations with that word right now.

And while you’re at it, abandon any nagging thoughts that “endless” might mean anything other than that, too. Because Endless Boogie are not calling it a day any time soon. In fact, they’ve just announced that their new album, Vibe Killer, is set for release May 19 on No Quarter Records. Part-time member Matt Sweeney (who’s been playing intermittently with the band since producing Focus Level back in 2008) returned for this one, too. And, as he poetically and hyper-actively enthused to Aquarium Drunkard:

Endless Boogie is the band you always wanted to hear. The first time I saw them play all these thoughts shot through my head at the same time — “OK that guitar player looks wilder than anyone I’ve ever seen/That is the rudest riff I’ve ever heard/Why didn’t I think of that riff/I would never dare think of that riff/ I could watch guy play that lead forever/Chuck Berry and John Coltrane/That beat is perfect NEU!/ Am I really hearing and seeing this??/Are they really doing this??” — for like an hour, and it was one song.

Well, I’m pretty sure they are really doing this, because you can already pre-order the damn thing , and the title track is streaming down below. No going back now.

Vibe Killer tracklisting:

01. Vibe Killer
02. Let It Be Unknown
03. High Drag, Hard Doin’
04. Bishops at Large
05. Back in ‘74
06. Jefferson Country
07. Whilom
08. Trash Dog
09. Warp, Weft and Pile

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