Endless Boogie’s Paul Major releasing crate-digging compilation Feel The Music Vol. 1

Endless Boogie's Paul Major releasing crate-digging compilation Feel The Music Vol. 1
When digging in crates, it's best to go sleeveless.

Getting a really well-curated mix from someone you like still ranks as one of the top friendship experiences. So, good news: your friend (and ours! and everybody’s!) Paul Major — he of Brooklyn-based riff monsters Endless Boogie — has gone and done that.

Drawing from Major’s own vast record collection, Feel The Music Vol. 1 offers a personalized tour along the outer perimeter of private press rock music, where the only law the land is freakiness. Uniting the collection is a love for the kind of unusual, visionary music-making that perhaps can only happen way, way off from where the attention usually goes, in some free-form basement of the soul…

But enough talk. Behold the album cut “Behold,” by Justyn Rees, streaming below. Paul Major: Feel The Music Vol. 1 will arrive October 27 from Mexican Summer’s Archive imprint. Pre-order it now on any old format you like. And, just in case the format you really like is “book,” purchase the companion book, Feel The Music: The Psychedelic Worlds of Paul Major, over at the Mexican Summer shop while you’re there. Damn; thanks again for being such a good friend, Paul.

Peep The Tracklist, Vol. 1:

01. Tom Lonergan & Buddy Kelly - The Travesty of My Life
02. Ray Harlowe & Gyp Fox - Run
03. Justyn Rees - Behold
04. The Yays & Nays - Let It All Hang Out
05. Merkin - Ruby
06. Sebastian - Passages
07. Joint Effort - Blue Lightning
08. Bob Edmund - Saturday Thought
09. Jerry Solomon - Denied
10. Dave Porter - Where Do Clouds Go?
11. Marcus - Captain Zella Queen
12. Darius - I Feel the Need to Carry On

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