Smooth jazz the answer. Friend of TMT and heavy player in Gainesville, Florida’s Elestial Sound collective (who released a label-wide mixtape last month!), Euglossine is the newest addition to the Beer on the Rug rap sheet and Complex Playground might be Tristan’s most comprehensive yet. Past albums Dance District and Tropical Popsicle keep me on this endless dance floor high, totally consuming and freeing. Complex Playground is a score, something transposed into steps and performed. Come on, y’all, the album art (by Brooklyn-based collective Eye Bodega) is a coral Romeo & Juliet.

Euglossine is iridescent. Euglossine is candy paint. Euglossine plays keys on god mode, that makes him a saint.

The time schedule for a physical release of Complex Playground is TBA, so grab the digital and educate yourself with the killer power point on midi and smooth jazz written by Euglossine that comes free with download! THIS AIN’T YOUR SOUR DAD’S POWERPOINT.

• Euglossine: https://soundcloud.com/euglossine
• Beer on the Rug: https://beerontherug.bandcamp.com

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