Beat artistry is getting people moving these dayz. Especially through aaronmaxwell and james matthew. And together they call upon the title FAMILY EVENT, ‘cause it really is harmonious.

So, not to start over, however, this is totally my work-out post for this week. Since the beginning of May, I really haven’t been “working-out.” I caught this nasty sinus infection, and it’s fucking nasty. Like, on my lungs and in my eyes/nose. However, I haven’t let that stop me from burning fat. This is real, as a distance/energy thing, opposed to a time/energy thing, but if you walk the same distance as run, you’ll lose the same amount of calories. WHAT? Yes! Think about it in terms of time, although I told it you really doesn’t have anything to do with it… If you run two miles in 18 minutes, but walk two miles in 40 minutes, you’re spending the same kind of energy, only saving time by running. Thus, “12 SUNDAY” would get your move going and a little pep in your step, avoiding each crack along the way. FAMILY EVENT has a really interesting way of moving feet, so feel their new release 2, featuring the single (‘cause you never know when one track ends or begins in the mix) “12 SUNDAY.” Hi!!

• aaronmaxwell: https://soundcloud.com/aaronmaxwell
• james matthew: http://www.slftapes.com
• El Sereno Records: http://elserenorecords.bandcamp.com

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