The coolest thing I’ve seen in a little while was driving along seeing a fellah on a chopper (complete biker get-up; the works) nod to a dude smoking a cigarette outside O’Flannery’s pub who nodded back. Totally lamest cool EVER. This reminds me of the new FAMILY EVENT DEMO TAPE, which I’m totally late to, but to my glee, there were a few reels left.

Anyhow, this DEMO TAPE reminds me of that event because it’s just two cool dudes (aaronmaxwell & James Matthew) noddin’ back and forth, no? And not only is it all about how random they can make the sweetest fucking beats feel like Tyson fists, but the lamer the sample, the cooler the rhythm gets. Thus, FAMILY EVENT has gathered again, and reels are becoming uncontrollable.

FAMILY EVENT’s DEMO TAPE has been out since late April, but there are some left and it’s worth the C20 to crank on straight infinity flip:

• James Matthew: http://jamesmatthew.bandcamp.com
• aaronmaxwell: http://aaronmaxwell.bandcamp.com

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